We're very excited for Summer 2013! Last Summer was such a success that we've decided to expand by adding one more court and also a 14U boys program!

We are planning to continue with league play nights for all ages because what fun would sports be without play? We're also keeping our great prizes, and adding even more!

And while we loved every bit of last summer, we've also made some adjustments to improve the quality of training and play for the athletes. The 18U's will focus more on elite training where they will play once every other week. This encourages our athletes to spend more time developing the necessary skills they will need to excel at weekend competitions in preparation for Atlantic Championships and potentially Nationals! We are also implementing a volunteer program for a select 2-4 18U candidates which will provide these lucky athletes with valuable coaching development opportunity as well as a way to supplement for some of the program cost. Athletes in our volunteer program will receive a $100 discount on their registration fee! For more information on our volunteer program please visit our Volunteer Initiative Beach Experience (VIBE) webpage

All of our other programs will remain the same where the athletes receive one day of training and one day of game play per week. League play gives our young athletes to practice those newly learnt skills! Each league play night is not only exciting and FUN, but also monitored by our elite coaching staff providing the athletes with valuable instruction and feedback on their performance. League play is also tracked with a points system - so you'll never want to miss a day! Athletes with the most points will win awesome prizes in reward for their hard work and talent!